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Level 9

The Royal Conservatory of Music Syllabus

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One of the largest over-wintering sites for the monarch butterfly is located near Isla Vista, California. During the winter months hundreds of thousands of butterflies flutter through the air and hang from the trees.  Teaching Tips: In portraying the Monarch’s long and perilous yearly journey between Mexico and California, allow the major/minor colouring in the melody to intensify the danger and mystery of their exotic migration. Tenuto markings should be considered as a warm extension of sound rather than an accent – a caress, rather than a sudden attack.  Although these musical butterflies are persistent in their travel, they certainly should move freely, so touches of rubato are encouraged and expected. The opening LH  flutter of the monarchs’ wings  also provides the persistent motion that propels the monarchs’ journey. Although the “flutter” is mostly in the background as it moves from hand to hand, it should remain flexible, shadowing dynamically the rise and fall of the melody line that should always project lushly overtop. Allow the flutter to become more projected and shapely as it turns into melody at m. 12 -17 and m. 34. Pedal should be generous and never dry.

M.H. Duncan

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