POLARIS – Piano Solo from SPROUTS

POLARIS – Piano Solo from SPROUTS

Level 2, NFMC Difficult Class II

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A third staff and RH ostinato figure prominently in this piece with graceful LH crossovers to creating distant shimmering and harmonic effects.

Polaris can also be found in STORIES OF STARS, Volume 1 of The Pianist’s Guide to the Universe. All of the stars visible from Earth are essentially fixed in space. From the viewpoint of a person standing on the Earth the patterns of stars we call constellations seem to rotate around two fixed points in the sky. These points are called the North and South Celestial Poles. In fact, it is the Earth that is rotating every 24 hours while the stars stay still. From the Earth’s Northern Hemisphere, constellations appear to rotate around the North Celestial Pole. This point happens to be very close to the direction of the bright star Polaris. For centuries Polaris (often called the North Star) has been used by sailors for ocean navigation.

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