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ISLA VISTA SUITE - Solo Piano Collection

Levels 7 & 9

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MHD P001, ISBN: 978-0-9809485-0-9

ISLA VISTA SUITE was written after an extended stay with our young family in the colorful and lively community of Isla Vista, California. Bordered by the Pacific Ocean and the University of California, Santa Barbara, this area is also home to one of the largest over-wintering sites for the monarch butterfly. While living there we enjoyed the tall eucalyptus groves and tidepools along the ocean shore. We also experienced the Santa Ana winds, along with the threat of fires in the area.

For performance of the four pieces, I hear a well separated balance with melody always taking the spotlight supported quietly in the background by a shapely and independent accompaniment. For a more expressive, improvisatorial approach, with sonority and sweep, I would encourage a generous use of rubato and refined pedaling.

M.H. Duncan